SmoothSkin Gold 300 Intelligent IPL Hair Removal System

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SmoothSkin Gold is our most advanced IPL Permanent hair removal device on the market today. SmoothSkin Gold will permanently remove your hair in 12 treatments followed by a monthly (20minute) maintenance regime. With our unique Detect and Set system SmoothSkin Gold automatically delivers the safest and most effective treatment for your skin. Everybody is different and each area of the body is different, depending on the life style, ethnicity and exposure to sun. To achieve the most effective (and safe) IPL treatment, an IPL hair removal device needs to be at the right energy output level for your skin tone and the right area of your body. SmoothSkin Gold is the only IPL device on the market that measures skin tone immediately prior to each pulse, adjusting the energy output level, by way of 2 in built skin tone sensors (that measure the users skin tone over 2,000 times a second). Delivering the perfect power and the perfect treatment every time, making it the fastest, most effective and safe IPL device on the market.



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