Bodyhealt Home Spa Jacuzzi Bath Set, Gentle Massage Jet with Spa Pillow

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Do you ever wish you could lounge and relax with a gentle massage while you bathe? Craving the softness of a pillow while relaxing in a hot bathtub?A SPA-LIKE LUXURY AT HOMEThis Bodyhealt Home Spa Bath Pillow and Spa Jet is your answer. This bolster neck rest cradles your neck and supports your shoulders while you enjoy a luxurious massage in the tub.PRODUCT FEATURES:Home Spa Bath Pillow – Supportive Comfort For Neck And Back While In The Tub· Open-air fibers· Mold and mildew resistant· Bolster neck rest· Quick drying· Steam clean or hand wash· Suction cupJet Water Stream Massage – · DC12V low voltage· Extra long DC power line· Strong suction cup attachment· Adjustable jet nozzleGOOD FOR YOUR HEALTHThis supportive neck and back bath pillow helps improve spinal alignment and keep the neck in alignment with the spine while you lounge in comfort.This bath pillow made with open-air fibers allows air and moisture to flow through, giving you the cushioning you need without worrying about mold and mildew. Bolster neck rest cradles your neck and supports your shoulders.NOW WITH THIS HOME JET SPA AND BATH PILLOW SET BY BODYHEALT, YOU CAN ENJOY A SPA QUALITY MASSAGE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME, ANYTIME!Here at Bodyhealt, we are committed to creating quality products that provide health and comfort. When you purchase a BodyHealt product, the name on the label means quality and health for your body.



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